New Brunswick Made Gazebos for Your Enjoyment

This model with windows for 4 season use have been added for this new season. The following pictures shows a 4 season Gazebo with doublepane windws and thermopane lite wih summer ventilation option.

This unit has been build for winter enjoyment while having the beautifull river near by.  Optional insulated interior walls make this unit fully sealed for the harsh winter weather.

The unit is build of local lumber while finished on the outside to endure the elements with cedar or other exterior wall finish most popular with the landscape. 

Ashalt shingle roofing is also available if customers so choose.   The second roof may be deleted and the upper lites may also be deleted.

This unit was build for maximum sunlight and using the sun passive heat for the colder days of the year.  And the upper lights can be removed for the hotter days of summer cresating a fully ventilated unit to enjoy the fun of both summer and winter.

This unit was completed in a cold fall day and in no time the inside raised to a very comfortable temperature.  With my experience with enclosed porches the unit will be comfortable in most February sunny days without add heat.