New Brunswick Made Gazebos for Your Enjoyment

3. The following 12 ft Gazebo has been build with Colonial Spindle and stained in Cedar. The owner was very proud to inform me that the unit has survived the hard winter very well. It's no surprise because the heavy winter requirements needs a gazebo designed with strenght and style all in one. Again the screens are positioned as not to change the beauty of the unit. It surely will look great in your garden.

12 feet cedar octoganol (8 sides) gazebo, stained in cedar transparent stain with scrrened option, colonial spindles also optional.

4. The following is a 10ft hexagonal gazebo stained in green and made to provide shade for the warm summer days. The 2nd roof provides plenty of light to be able to sit in it and read at all times of the day.  The second roof is preferable for lighted and cooler gazebos. 

10 feet hexagonal (6 Sides) gazebo stained in popular green solid stain, spindle braces are being used for added styling