New Brunswick Made Gazebos for Your Enjoyment

Enjoy one of these well build gazebo's made in New Brunswick

You will feel like most of our customers after the unit is installed on your lawn.   You will be very satisfied and the envy of your neighbours. 

We provide a great looking gazebo made to your demands and installed in your garden.  The units are made in the shop, stained and delivered on your lot, and then installed in your prepared area.

We have replaced many cheaper made units and feel confident there is no better engineered units available.  The extra wide eaves are required for weather protection for the side walls and the screens.  The unit will hardly require any extra protection against the elements once we install it on your property. The second roof is also a big asset for the proper lighting of your sitting area.  It gives the light but not the direct sunrays, so you will be in the shade all day. 

Though we show only Hexagon and Octogon units, we have the designs for square and rectangle units and are prepared to show you some of our designs, that are best for hot-tub enclosure.  Imagine sitting in the tube with great lighting and in the shade all day.

Our units are measured on the flat of the walls, unlike some units that are measured on the diagonal lines.  For our 12ft the measure is 12 feet face to face while measured on the diagonal its only 11 feet face to face.